Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Where is Pebaleader?

Since the beginning on my journey to piece together my family history, my paternal grandfather's mother has always intrigued me. A woman with such a unique name as Pebaleader has to have a great story waiting to be revealed and embraced! Knowing the basic facts, I am still having difficulties locating her beyond the 1940 census. Where can she be? I know she is right around the corner because slowly additional information is unveiling itself. Grandma I am eagerly waiting to meet you.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

When my Aunt Anna introduced me to my cousin Cheryl and her mother Florie, I had no idea that my journey would take flight! We instantly connected and began to build our relationship based on the love we shared for genealogy. Months later we planned to get together over the week of Thanksgiving 2013 to go to Richmond to do research. With plan in hand and hopeful to find anything, we allowed the ancestors to guide us. The ancestors guided us to find the missing information of my great grandfather Alpha Omega Riddick Sr. Cheryl and I went to the location of where my great grandfather's home once was. We stood there in silence celebrating his life and a new found bound to piece our family's history together.  It was a surreal moment that is unexplainable.The ancestors were guiding our entire day.

From left to right, Linda, myself, and my cousin Cheryl

Thank You

There are many individuals who have assisted in me reconnecting the pieces to my family history. Not only do I thank you, but my ancestors thank you as well. We are so grateful because without the help of the village, my family research would not have advanced as far as it has in this short amount of time. I hope that I too can be a blessing to others who are trying to put the pieces of their history together as you have been a blessing to our family.