Thursday, August 7, 2014

Brick Wall Help Needed

Discovering additional information about my paternal great grandmother Pebaleader is close. I have found information on her granddaughter who was her name sake. I am hoping that providing information on the granddaughter that someone who has information will reach out to me.

The granddaughter's information is as follows:

Pebaleader A. Goosby, also known as Pebaleda White, Pebalender White, and Pebaleader A. White.
Lived in Portsmouth, Virginia
Born in 1942 not sure where
Passed away January 13, 2014
Possible Relatives: Adell S. Stitt White, George E. Goosby Sr., George Kenneth Goosby Jr., Rose Goosby, Samuel White, and Tevaleadear Stitt White

Sunday, August 3, 2014

One Step Closer To Finding Pebaleader

I have been searching for more information on my great grandmother Pebaleader from North Carolina only to be faced with a road block. Frustration continues to build because I can feel that I am close, but may be over looking something that I have not been able to put my finger on. After speaking to my "genealogy guides", I went online to Google and typed in her first name only. To my surprise I get a few hits that I know have to be her or her granddaughter. I felt a little excited with hopes of being able to move my research forward only to discover that my great grandmother's granddaughter had passed away this past January. I am grateful to have obtained this information, but saddened that she is no longer living and I have yet another conundrum to solve. I am one step closer to breaking down the wall to finding my great grandmother Pebaleader Kellum Stitt Martin.

RIP Pebaleader A White....