Wednesday, October 14, 2015

More Answers Comes More Questions

Now that the ancestors are being so gracious to allow the door of discovery to open with answers, I have more questions. The one question that is drawing me more to my Grandma Pebaleader is why she would change her name? Why would she want to rid herself of such a unique interesting name that has is supposedly connected to a Native American history. There is definitely much more to you Grandma Peb. You seem to be just as interesting as your unique name.

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  1. My dearest cousin... (how surreal to type the words I have been hoping to write for years). I give honor to the ancestors who are guiding your path. Please know that I am so happy and feel extremely blessed, to have been allowed to become acquainted with you. I look so forward to us meeting face to face and continuing this journey together. Be blessed dear one.

    Akika Coston