Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brick Walls

Initially I was under the impression that having such a unique name as Pebaleader, that I would be able to find information on my great grandmother relatively easy. That is not the case. I am sure the issue lies in the spelling of her name. No one has been able to shed any light on my dilemma or offer any guidance on how to obtain any information on her. Due to life responsibilities I have had to put my research on the back burner. This was not a bad thing because of the building frustration of coming up against obstacle after obstacle.

During this break my genealogy research has not been far from thought. I have been going through my records trying to organize everything so I can do a little research as time permits. Through the mounds of paper and many notes I came across the death notice of Pebaleader's daughter, Charlene Stitt Richardson Brown. The light bulb came on. I may be able to order the death certificate of my great grandmother's daughter in an effort to get Pebaleader. Now I have to research the guidelines for ordering death certificates from New Jersey. I hope that there isn't a snag in obtaining the death certificate. I ask that the ancestors guide my steps. Pebaleader, I believe I am one more step in finding you.

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