Thursday, September 22, 2016

Humbling Realization

I recently realized why this journey is so important to me. It's not about highlighting who did this or who did that. It's not about finding out who was good or bad. This journey is about telling the narrative honestly from all aspects without bias and without judgement. Too much of our narrative has been altered to fit others agendas and in many instances completely removed. Being on this journey is allowing me to see both of my parents in a manner in which they never permitted me to see while alive. Although my parents dealt with various degrees of brokenness, I can say that they tried to do differently so that my foundation could be fortified better than their own. Yes, my parents were ill equipped, but knew they needed to do something different. I applaud and am grateful for their tenacity to try to change the course. I get it and am committed now more than ever to tell the stories of my parents as well as those who have paved they way that came before them. My end goal is to leave a better completed patchwork of my family so that he following generations can be proud of the accomplishments and learn from the setbacks and obstacles faced. This is OUR history. Without these pioneers who braved uncharted waters there would be no April Stitt. Some family members may never want to know the truth and some may want to be selective in what they know. That is perfectly okay, it is their right. However, a family historian's obligation is to be truthful when giving the narrative as well as tell the narrative as complete as humanly possible. Because of this commitment I know is the reason the ancestors have shown me favor since the infancy of this journey. I bow down to my ancestors and humbly honor each and everyone of them as I ask them to continue to guide my footsteps as I move forward in telling their journeys.

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