Friday, October 7, 2016

Mirror Mirror

I decided to take a step back during this school semester to re-evaluate my research approach on my Stitt line. At least I thought I was going to take a step back because the ancestors definitely have a different path. While trying to help my husband research for his biological father we stumbled on a research technique of mirroring a tree of a known DNA match. This technique is supposed to help you identify a common ancestor shared. DING! The ancestors nudged me and I began to think that this may be a great way of me being able to further my research on my Stitt family. I have made several connections on the Stitt line that were not known previously and I believe at least one of them has taken a DNA test. I am definitely going to put my energy into this option as this appears to be the only way for me to get any information on the Stitt line as no one in my immediate family talks about this side of the family. I realized my grandfather and a great grandfather did not nurture their families in the optimal way, but through these men we are able to learn and do better. I want to understand their environment which would give an up close look as to why they made the decisions they've made. Hiding or pretending that these men did not exist does not make the behaviors that was passed down disappear. I am a true believer that in order for their to be a sustainable change one must understand the past. It is my sincere hope that conducting this method will allow me to get the understanding that I seek. With that being said, Robert Sitt Sr. and Robert Stitt Jr. I am looking for you. I want to understand you so that my son will be able to learn and do better. Through you too will ultimately give me  a well rounded understanding of my own father, Robert Stitt III. So I ask you to guide me through this part of my journey and allow me to tell your stories authentically without judgement wrapped in love. Allow me to be the mirror to show others who you were.

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