Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Getting To Know You

Although I have known you all my life, I am realizing that there is another side of you I've never knew. You have done so many wonderful and life changing things that you never spoke on. I wonder why that is? Why wouldn't you share these things so that your loved ones can grab the torch and further advance your efforts. None the less I am proud of your accomplishments and how you were fearless in making your community better. As I look in the mirror and see many of your features I smile knowing that I have acquired many of your attributes that you have kept a secret. Finding your unpublished book gives me excitement and joy. I cannot wait to read the story that you created. Something tells me that this story was given birth from your many experiences growing up and traveling while you were in the military. I guess that may be where your Anna Banana obtained the writing bug from. Dad you will be happy to know that we have decided to finish your book and to get it put into print. I am going to let Anne take the lead since writing is her passion. I am sure she will care for your story as if it was her own. For some reason your book is inviting me to open it up. I think that is your way of letting me know that you are still here and watching over me. I have no doubt that with this read I will get to know you even more. 

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