Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pebaleader Kellum Stitt Update

To my surprise as I was taking a much needed break from school work, I discovered another individual researching Grandma Pebaleader Kellum! With great excitement I went to the tree and sure enough the information was the same as the information I have been able to confirm. I am not sure of the family connection this individual has, but I am very curious. I sent a message introducing myself and giving a brief overview of my connection to Pebaleader. The individual did respond to my message, but was not in a position to speak on their research.  I thought for sure that they would have gotten back to me by now. I am equally curious as the individual conducting the research was from the LDS church. My experience with individuals of this faith is that they have a thirst for piecing their family histories together. I am waiting anxiously to speak to them and to hopefully advance my research and knowledge on the Kellum line. Ironically the researcher's father is from North Carolina. Sending my request to the ancestors to lead the way and to do some encouraging so I have the opportunity to fully explore this avenue. Something tells me that I may have hit a very rich information highway. Right now I must sit tight and wait!

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